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Wistron Corporation (Chinese: 緯創資通股份有限公司; pinyin: Wěichuàng Zītōng Gǔfèn Yǒuxiàn Gōngsī) is a major original design manufacturer in Taiwan. It was the manufacturing arm of Acer Inc. before being spun off in 2000.

A warehouse worker mentioned, "Wistron is more for people that want to work in the warehouse industry. And for people that doesn't care if they are talked to any kind of way by the employees."


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Captain Computer Technician says

"-does not have professional working environment -no change to grow"


"Senior management has no experience in the precious metals or e-waste recycling industries. Training and sales support are non existent and their pricing model makes it very sell anything."

Former Employee - Overseas Manager says

"They seem like look very nice but they like to talk bad about people at the back. They are incorporative when try to deal with them. They are not polite and childish also as the PM/AM, she like to scream in the office like the aunt in the wet market. Conclusion : I guessed only the incompetence people are transferred to ETS, if not why all the bad quality persons are in ETS. Even an old man transferred from China so called very royalty and seasoned senior manager also like to push all the false he made to the subordinate."

Assembly and Repair says

"The company don't turn on the aircondition in the warehouse to save money. The temperature inside the warehouse can reach 90 degree fahrenheit. People are sweating left and right. Cannot concentrate on your work. A typical taiwanese company who want to save every pennies to earn profit."

Former Employee - Engineer says

"Poor management and production planning."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"The company fires me for no legit reasons. Their working atmosphere is quite loose, the supervisor did not give me any advice or comment on my working performances and fired me suddenly, saying that i was not up to standard. The company can fire employer without any prior notice or warning. It is not the first time they do so, and it is totally unfair for any part time and full time employer."

Former Employee - Test Reviewer says

"Useless management Poor communication Not professional attitude on its employees for document follow up or any advice when neede No transparency"

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Poor communication and management No clear business goal and direction Politics"

Former Employee - Language Tester says

"- Racist hiring policy gives SEA employees less holidays and salary than their western, more white, colleagues. - Poor management and HR means if you have any issues, you're on your own. - Due to the fact that you are a contractor, you never get any benefits of working for the company you are investing your time into. - Outdated and childish HR policy stances (Limiting bathroom break time, time away from desk, sick leave, and etc.) - No outlook for future career growth. There was little or no chance to improve yourself, no upward mobility, no path for a promotion. - Pay is below industry standard - Poor health insurance - Below average paid annual leave amount. - Job nature is boring - Hostile and catty work environment - Absent management"

Former Employee - Software Engineer says

"- awful salary increment - cut off OT pay paid by client to employees - terrible management - salary rate is not related to experience and education but if you are willing to be the spy and report bad things to management grade, you will be promoted - threathen employee by not applying working visa"

Warehouse Worker (Current Employee) says

"Wistron is more for people that want to work in the warehouse industry. And for people that doesn't care if they are talked to any kind of way by the employees."

Field Applications Engineer (Former Employee) says

"Learned a lot about the product and the management team. It was a fun working with team members. The most enjoyable part of the job is to hadle the customer from Japan."

operátor výroby DPČ od roku (Former Employee) says

"Panuje tam buzerace, ženy mají strach jít i na wc. Stůj a makej celej den i 12h, když jsou přesčasy+ víkendy"

inspector de calidad (Former Employee) says

"no se reconose el trabajo de los empleados solo ahi promociones para compañeros y amigos de los jefes.......... solo tube buenos compañeros y me gustaba lo que hacia pero por desgracia ahi muchas preferencias y muchas trabas para superarse nadatodo"

Ingeniero de infraestructura (Current Employee) says

"La sobrecarga es demasiado comparado con el pago. Además claramente inducido las promociones por familia/amistad."

materialista (Former Employee) says

"era la misma rutina de todos los dias ponerte taloneras era mucha perdida de tiempo y cansaba mucho pero lo bueno era que aprende uno varias cosas al principio entra uno con miedo que no vaya a tallas alguna pantallita del celular o quebrar una pieza pero depues aces tu trabajo con gusto mis compañeros de trabajo eran buena honda es como en todos lados y la parte mas dificil era la precion te sentias muy tenso al momento de ensamblar las piezas pequeñas lo que me gusto mas es que habia oportunidad de crecer empesar de abajo para yegar asta donde uno quiera.solo daban seguro sociallo malo es que tenias que quedarte tiempo extra forsadamente"

capturias, auxiliar administrativo (Current Employee) says

"no valoran el esfuerzo del empleado, mas cuando se es mujer y se embarazaseguro, aguinaldo, vacacionesno hay descansos mas que los de desayuno y comida"

tecnico reparador (Current Employee) says

"el trabajo es realmente facil sin embargo se basan mas en amistedes para adquirir mejores puestos y no en la capacidad potencial del personal por lo que genera jefes prepotentes con falta de buen trato a personalseguro medicobajo salario con mucha exijencia"

Television Technician (Former Employee) says

"my day consisted of taking high end televisons apart diagnoising problems and repairing , I also handled quality control of repaired units, and the packaging of televisionsi liked the work cause it was hands on and i was able to repair a/v equipmenttemp postion short term contract"

Operador de producción (Former Employee) says

"tienen muy buen salario y buenas instalaciones para laborar"

tecnico analista de ingenieria (Former Employee) says

"juntas dirio antes de empezar turno administracion de mi tiempo al realizar mis actividades compartir opiniones de trabajo y personales con mis companerosmucho trabajosin contras"

Product Coordinator (Former Employee) says

"Asian manufacturer company. Has a huge product line. not competitive steady life pace; you're doomed if you weren't the OG; however, good company as a stepping stone"

disassembler (Current Employee) says

"The job is easy enough, break apart electronics for components and separate them in to the bins for the other rooms. Super easy job. You stand all day in a poorly ventilated room that gets hot fast. We had weekends off. I worked at the location in McKinney Texas. You generally end each day with fiberglass on your shoes and forearms. Sometimes electronics will catch fire, the fumes are toxic, don't let them try to tell you otherwise. We weren't given masks or face shields, and there were only 2 fans to ventilate the room, and they only turned them on when there was smoke. There is definitely a culture in the room of running things just fast enough to not draw the attention of management, so if you're the kind of person who likes to work hard and move up, be prepared to get some harassment from your coworkers. If you're not social or can't get along with the persons at your work station, your day is going to be long. Work too slow because of lack of information, get in trouble, even when you can't find information. Work too fast, get in trouble with coworkers for "making them look bad." The only good thing about this job is that it is REALLY easy work for the pay.Incredibly easy workPoor work environment, understaffed security, short breaks."

Capturista/Produccion (Former Employee) says

"Para ser una empresa lider en fabricación de servidores carece de jefes de grupo y supervisores mal capacitados"

Técnico Analista de Tablillas Electrónicas (Former Employee) says

"No me agrado trabajar ahi, no hay nada estable, y es dificil conseguir trabajo de planta.Mucho tiempo extraSolo contratan por agencia"

tecnico de calidad (Former Employee) says

"es una empresa que no te da la oportunidad de crecer ni superartetiempo extrami\uy mala comida"

materialista de reparacion (Former Employee) says

"no tiene un buen control en el manejo de los contratos ya que los ace por mes dando una inestabilidad al empleo y falta de seguridad.travajo sentado o paradolos bancos no son para todos tiene que ganarse por meta de produccion."

Planeador de Materiales (Former Employee) says

"es una empresa grande donde por cuestion de la cultura de la direccion es diferente a otras emprasEs estableLa cultura"

inspectora de calidad (Former Employee) says

"lo que aprendi fue que tube experiencia en inspectora de calidad. me hize de muchos amigos ingenieros. la parte mas dificil es estar parada. y no tienen muy buenas prestaciones y estar por medio de la planta..y lo que mas me gusto mmm el salario pero para los de calidad no era muy bueno porque pagan mejor en otras maquilas,,nomalisima la cafeteria puro huevo nos daban casi.."

Tecnico electronica (Former Employee) says

"era gratificante el trabajo abeses con presiones pero es parte de el trabajo aprendi a laborar bajo precion a mejorar lavoralmente .es bueno trabajar ay a no ser por que no se dan plantas lo de mas esta vien el ambiente laboral es buenoabia mucho tiempo extra y eso ayudano ay plantas y el trabajo siempre fue temporl"